The reconstruction of the building came to a stage when we were able to plan the future. At a conference, held by the North-Great Plain Regional Youth Service, we heard about an EU program, the European Voluntary Service for the first time. It was a fortunate moment, because the reconstruction of the clubhouse was at that stage when an apartment for the foreign youngsters could be planned. We applied for becoming a host organization so we could start a cross-border program.


The aim of the “Communication skills and training” project is to enable young people with different cultural and social background to create weekly radio programs together. The volunteers with the help of their linguistic abilities introduce the life, culture, customs and everyday events of Debrecen to Oradea. By the summer, the clubhouse was ready and the youngsters – Reka Szabo and Zoltan Nechita from Oradea – arrived. The volunteers and other members of the association spent the first two weeks at Balaton and Budapest and get acquainted with each other. In August with the Terepszemle Studio and our volunteers we worked in the opening of the Bird Hospital of Hortobágy.
The communication training started in September, which took the School Radio training as its basis, but due to the experiences and the unrestricted use of the clubhouse, it was done in a more empirical and practical way. The volunteers made many sound recordings, trial interviews, sound editing and mixing. We enjoyed having our own place where we have plenty of time to practice. This was a very intensive period for everybody, and by November – the volunteers, who formerly had no experience of making radio programs – began to prepare and broadcast a weekly radio program in Oradea.

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