Grab an Instrument/ Hangszert a Kézbe

The “Grab an Instrument” series of events is not just a promotion tour for musicians with the aim of introducing instruments to younger people but also a space for playing and experimenting. The 5-day-program includes creative and interactive workshops. In the mornings mainly school groups visit the event in the Debreceni Művelődési Központ, while between 2 and 6 pm it is open for the wide audience. Programs include concerts, musical workshops, presentations and one can pet an instrument too. The event is open till Saturday 6 pm. Photos by Pintér Ákos form the Tuesday opening workshops of “Choose an instrument!”. #hangszertakezbe #debrecen #hangszervalaszto #musicworkshops #hangkep

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More photos of the event here.

Hangszert a Kézbe

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