The association found a partner the Terepszemle Studio, which works on the field of natural protection and whom we helped with the Hortobágy Bird Hospital’s 1% communication campaign. The social communication activity lasted until the summer of 2005, when the person in charge of the project for the first time became unwell. It was a sign to the members that it is time to think over our human resource management. The solution was obvious: one person cannot be overloaded that much. For the association to work in appropriate conditions and to be able to hire new workers we had to renovate the clubhouse. With collective work we started the renovation, which lasted with smaller-longer brakes until the summer of 2006. All of us helped this process with money and work. The renovation included the swapping of doors and windows, the exchange of covers, and the restructuring the yard and the paining as well.


In addition to all this Floppy, the dog got a “position” as watchdog (owned by the association). With the help of the financial support of the National Civil Found we employed a person who organized the programs, did the administration and organized the work at the reconstruction. The financial support ensured part of the overhead and communication costs, thus the members could make plans for the future.
The most exciting result of the year is that after several years and attempts we could find a reliable partner from Oradea – the Hungarian Students’ Union of Oradea – with whom we could start common programs. Our association’s dream was to build a communication bridge between Debrecen and Oradea, and the realisation of this dream got closer.

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