Cosmic Folk-Pop in Incognito Club on Women’s Day

Do you dream of space travels? Or do you prefer to stay on Earth? What if we suggest you to combine both? It is not only possible, but real – thanks to the wonderful Felicia Bozoky and her project I am Soyuz.


On Wednesday, 8th of March, visitors of Incognito Club could enjoy folk-pop songs and the unique voice of Felicia Bozoky, accompanied by guitar, ukulele and omnichord. Felicia is not only the singer, but also a song-writer and composer, so she performs fully original songs. Her art narrates stories that are earthy and familiar to everybody, but sounds really aetheral. Thanks to the concert you could see that it’s possible to stay on the Earth and at the same time to travel in space. A great present for Woman’s Day from a talented woman. Photos of the event by Emili Pavel. #iamsoyuz #incognito #spacetravel #hangkep #debrecen


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