Screening Estonian Architecture in MODEM

MODEM art gallery, one of the main presenters of modern art in Debrecen, for the 10th time hosted an Estonian week event organized by Estonian Institute in Hungary. The exhibition, named EuroÉpítészet (EuroArchitecture), opened on the 22nd of March. With the EU support it presents ten architecural projects, such as building renovations, new buildings and landscapes. These images are played on screens accompanied by headsets, where literary texts of an Estonian writer Jan Kaus can be heard. As a part of the Estonian week in Debrecen, cinema fans who are interested in this country can watch films about it till the 26th of March, and the exhibition will be available till the 16th of April. Photos by Olena Lomakina #észthét #estonianweek #modem #architecture #debrecen #hangkep

Check out more photos of the event by clicking this photo.


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