The Magic of Music – Secret Concert in Debrecen

It is secret, it is intimate, it is unique. The Sofar Sounds Debrecen organized this Wednesday (22.3) the first “Songs from a Room” concert in Debrecen with extraordinary artists in intimate space. In the B24 Galéria, Debrecen Batthyány u. 24 you could feel the emotional songs of Zanzinger, enjoy and laugh with the cheerful songs of Vera Jonas Music and relax to the experimental sounds of Rdei. Even no one had any idea before the event, who would be the performers, the enthusiasm of the audience was great. The organizers were more than satisfied and are already thinking of the next sofar sounds in Debrecen. The movement started in March 2009 in the living room of the singer songwriter and co-founder Passion Ate Dave, who wanted to bring the best of new music to an unplugged, intimate and unusual space. From North London the Sofar Sounds were spread fast globaly with shows happening in New York, Paris and many other cities worldwide. Now it is the world’s largest live music discovery community, which is all about bringing the magic back to live music. Photos by Emili Pavel #sofardebrecen #livemusic #secret #magicofmusic #intimate #b24 #debrecen #hangkep

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