“Let’s Challenge Gender Roles” – training in Slovenia

We are looking for 3 participants (residents of Hungary) for a training course in Slovenia.

NEW Dates: 10-18 August 2021

Venue: Ljubljana, Slovenia

The objectives of the training:
– To increase/upgrade the knowledge level of youth workers from 9 countries in Gender Related Topics (gender, role, identity, norms, prejudices, stereotypes, assumptions, sensitivity, etc.)
– To increase critical thinking on gender issues among youth workers;
– To motivate the youth workers to initiate and manage projects focused on gender issues;
– To equip youth workers with specific working competencies to tackle gender issues in their work;
– To support youth organization in their efforts to mainstream gender issues in their projects;
– To upgrade skills in managing and facilitating gender critical awareness learning process;
– To develop high gender sensitive attitudes in youth work field;

The training course is strongly based on experiential learning (learning by doing) and non-formal education principles, with adequate time allocated for debriefing and reflection throughout the whole program as the process will be highly personal and aims at attitudinal changes, hence reflection is very important part of the process.

The participants should:
– Be youth workers, leader’s coordinators, facilitators and trainers from active NGOs that have mission and objectives that are related to diversity and human rights.
– Have strong interest and motivation toward gender issues as well as towards critical aspects regarding gender issues in their society as well as European society.
– Be ready to be challenged beyond their mental comfort zone;
– Have a high multiplicative potential and motivation;
– Be at least 18 years old
– Have at least a medium level of English use (to be able to participate actively in discussions and in training activities)

Costs: The project is financed by Erasmus+, so accommodation, meals and coffee breaks are covered by the organisers from the funding. The travel cost from Hungary to Slovenia and back home will be reimbursed to the participants after the training (max. 100 EUR/ person)

Application precedure: fill out Application Form – Pax_Application_Challenge Gender Roles_new and send it to Andreea_loredana_psi@yahoo.com till 25th July 2021.