Our volunteer-program had a positive response at Oradea. More and more young people were interested in the “Communication skills and training” project, so we decided to host two other volunteers who are into graphic design. The two newcomers also wished to live in the clubhouse, like the volunteers who made radio programs, but because of the lack of room, there was no opportunity to do so. Than the guys had a brain-wave to purchase a trailer with all modern conveniences. They wanted to live there, experience the adventure of it rather than living in a distant apartment. After a long search, in February we find our dream trailer that was specially designed for standing apartment. The trailer with its 18 m² size and with all the modern conveniences is an ideal summer accommodation in the yard of our clubhouse. In April within the organization of the North-Great Plain Regional Youth Service we introduced our voluntary program to a group of youngsters from Transcarpathia. During the barbeque party – made by the „chef” Zoltan Nechita, our volunteer – we met Krisztina Temeto the worker of the Agora Office in Beregovo. We decided together to have a volunteer, Abigel Magochi from Ukraine, who will continue the weekly radio program and broadcast it in Transcarpathia, just like the volunteers do in Oradea. In 2007 we have been working with 7 international and 1 local volunteer. Three of them were preparing radio programs that were broadcasted in the Szóla Rádió, Debrecen, in the Partium Radio, Oradea and in the Radio of Ungvár (Ukraine). From December the Mustár FM, Nyíregyháza started to broadcast our programs as well. 5 other volunteers were working on TV and film project for 1 year.
As a response to the great interest and warm welcome of our programs in Oradea, we started a project with our partner the Hungarian Students’ Union of Oradea. The 73km project was a network building program, which aimed at helping Hungarians from Hajdú-Bihar County and Romanians from Bihor County to communicate, to get to know each other’s culture and customs, to accept the differences through non-formal intercultural learning. In the framework of the project with the help of communication trainings and team building activities a webpage and weekly radio programs were prepared. During the meetings in Debrecen and Oradea 36 young “media workers” were present. We prepared the content together with the youngsters. In the past 12 months 12 animations were prepared by them which introduce the cooperation between Hungary and Romania in a playful way, emphasizing the idea of „all different, all equal”. Besides these we started the shooting and editing of films and we prepared short videos on the life of young people.

In the framework of the Communication Without Borders project we focused on the adult, professional media workers as to enable Hungarian and Romanian journalist to cooperate and to produce common media products. During the program Hungarian and Romanian journalists, radio reporters, TV experts and media marketing managers met several times and exchanged ideas on the possible ways of cooperation in order to inform the local more effectively. We prepared a stat of the art as well and worked out an action plan. During the program we organised several games in media at both sides of the border to involve more and more locals.
With our partners we have organised trainings several times in Hungary and Romania for young people, for youth workers and for NGO representatives to help them develop and implement good projects.
The HAHA Association asked us to have communication training sessions and team building trainings as well in Debrecen, Hajdúbagos, Nagybánya, Szamosújvár and Kolozsvár. Together with the Mezon Youth Centre we carried out a environmental communication training for young people on the „Metszéspont” project.
With the partnership of the TerepSzemle Stúdió we prepared an information film about the county library and we prepared a fund-raising campaign for the Bird Hospital of Hortobágy.

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