The life at the association changed a lot this year. In contrast to what we have done till now we prepared videos, pictures and text materials that were fitting the social platforms’ characteristics. But let’s keep a chronological order in what has happened and which events have taken place. In the beginning of the year we continued our work from 2014; getting to know new animation-making applications. We continued the program in Hajdúhadház with the youth supporting community building activities with local roma and non-roma youngsters. After this common program with Terepszemle Studio and Életfa Association the local youth group was ready to organize and carry out a local talent contest.



Within the frame of European Voluntary Service new youngsters joined our team. Immediately they supported our work by filming the talent contest in Hajdúhadház for a whole day and by preparing short introductory videos of different communities. After enjoying the local Easter traditions in April we promoted the EVS program to students of the University of Debrecen at the request of our long-time partner ESN Debrecen.

Time went on and we took part in the renovation of the Bird Hospital and Bird Park of Hortobágy in May and we actively participated at the photo-camp of TerepSzemle Studio in June. By the end of that month we captured moments of the India Days with Padmini Dance Group. Asked by the American Corner Debrecen we ran the public speech and team building activities in the English speaking leadership camp for girls, the GROW Camp.


We were also busy with operating and expanding the camp radio of Campus Festival. Moreover, eight youngsters participated in an international volunteer work-camp of our partner from Stuttgart (DE) to renovate an artist space. On a multinational youth exchange we represented Hungary together with the CreActive youth of Hajduhadház, where we dealt with the question of poverty using video as a tool.


Autumn was marked by international trainings, which we ran together with Világjáró Volunteer Association. In September we organised the “EVS Tandem training” and in October the “PR for NonPRofits training” in Debrecen with 9 international partners. In November we started our Public Speech training – supported by NEA –  in cooperation with our new partner, the Kosár event house. The association team’s research, the results of our trainings and the feedback from partners contributed to a new approach of working with media. Appreciating this mission and the experience of the past time we completed this year, so we started to re-think and re-plan our activities for the next years.

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