Volunteering in Hortobagy (short-term teams)

The Empowered by Nature project has been super successful and since 2018 over 200 youngsters helped the nature protection work in Hortobagy (Hungary). The young people arrive all over from Europe and also from North-Africa, Asia and South-America.

A video showing the first days after the arrival to Hortobagy and starting the work at the Bird Hospital and Bird Park.

The volunteer teams consist of 12-15 people (mixed countries, mixed genders, mixed experiences) and spend 30-45 days in Hortobagy.

The volunteering activities are either in the Bird Hospital, Bird Park or in the Animal Par and the Wild Animal Park.

Tasks include:

– maintaining the resort (painting fences, cutting grass, helping to keep the location clean),
– helping around the animals – wild injured and healed birds (Birdhospital), traditional Hungarian domestic animals, like horses, buffalos, donkey, mangalica pig, sheep, chicken, grey cows (Animal Park) – changing the water, feeding, cleaning around their places
– helping with the activities in the park (under the supervision of an expert) if there are some kids groups and they have workshops (herbs, how to cook a traditional meal, making tools from wood or from the sheep hair, pottery/ clay etc.)
– helping with the visibility of the project (weekly photos and posts on the Facebook page of the project)
Speaking English is not necessary but openness to non-verbal communication and problem solving is important. Further details are posted on our Facebookpage or can be asked at hangkepe@gmail.com.
The project in financed by the European Solidarity Corps. Volunteers receive accommodation, food allowance, pocket money. All volunteers are included in the insurance plans coverning the period abroad.