Early in 2004, the Hajdú-Bihar County Government asked the association to do social communication activities that reveals the county’s natural, cultural and economic values and targeted an internal and external publication. Despite of the honorific offer this brought the members of the associations to crossroads. Rarely has an independent organization such a challenge, but there is the risk of operating like a firm, which would result in the diminishing of creativity. Besides the professional challenge the solid income was also in the favour of the request. Till this point we had no chance to renovate the clubhouse that we used free of charge but was in a state that enabled us to do high standard work. The members made a decision: one person would do the work as long as he can.

The social communication meant a diverse task: value research, preparing a monthly than later a weekly paper, making and broadcasting a weekly radio magazine program, as well as making and broadcasting a weekly radio news programme on EU topics. Furthermore, writing of applications, project-management, organizing exhibitions and editing issues were part of this job as well. The activities of the association became very diverse; we had to think it over how the association could assign so many members to so many tasks. To this question, the year 2005 gave the solution.

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